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Mission Statement

The Salzburg Migration and Mobility Research Lab (MML PLUS) aims to represent leadership in emerging interdisciplinary research on migration and mobility, in Austria and beyond. MML unites expertise from Sociology, Political Science, History, Geography, Educational Science, Legal Studies, Musicology, Cultural Studies, Literature Studies, and Theology in unique and innovative ways at the PLUS.

About us

MML PLUS, originally named MMG (Migration and Mobilities Study Group),started as an initiative among different PLUS faculty members to study questions of migration and mobility across disciplines. The primary aim was to share the diversity of their expertise, engage in interdisciplinary conversations, and identify potential collaborations for research and teaching to build on existing knowledge and create synergies. Following an open call for participation, mainly, but not exclusively, to those who taught in the University’s signature program of “Migration Studies” (offered since 2012), MML PLUS moved forward. Since then, this initiative has developed and sharpened its profile, fostering a creative and open dialogue with students and
New Members are always welcome! Please contact us to learn about the next meeting times and how to get involved!
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