Film screening ‘Together Apart’ with Maren Wickwire on May 14

In times of distant learning, we are happy to welcome a film screening opportunity, Together Apart, with a film maker, Maren Wickwire (Sacramento, USA). It will take place on May 14th, 14.15-16.30.
Interested? Please email us on: ;  

6th Biennial Conference on Migration and Integration Research in Austria

 6th Bi‑Annual Conference on Migration and Integration Research in Austria: Crossing Borders – Perspectives in Migration Research
People: Sylvia Hahn, Dženeta Karabegović and Kyoko Shinozaki in the Local Organizing Committee with the Commission for Migration and Integration (KMI) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW); Franz Gmainer-Pranzl in the Program Planning Committee.
Date: September 16-18, 2020
Funding: ÖAW
Location: PLUS

Events in the Past

Datum Event
Do, 16.5.2019, 15:30-17:00, HS 383 Gastvortrag von Prof. Maggie W.H. Leung (Utrecht)
“A Wider Road to Inclusive Development?
Differentiated Impacts of Infrastructural Upgrade
in Rural Ethiopia”
Fr, 17.5.2019,   10:00-12:00, HS 384 Gastvortrag von Prof. Maggie W.H. Leung (Utrecht)
“The Politics of Mobilities – Migration Flows“
M, 22.5.2019,   18:00-19:15, HS 381 Antrittsvorlesung von Univ.-Prof. Kyoko Shinozaki, PhD
und Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nicole Haitzinger
Di, 28.5.2019,  18:00-19:15, HS 383 Buchvorstellung und Diskussion über Bosnia and
Herzegovina’s Foreign Policy Since Independence
(Palgrave, 2019) – Dženeta Karabegović
Fr, 20.3.2020/Sa, 21.3.2020 Tagung „Religionen und Identitäten in Europa“