Nilanjan Raghunath


Dr. Nilanjan Raghunath is an Assistant Professor of Sociology. Her research interests include Sociology of Work, Forms of Capital, and Social Stratification in the 4th industrial revolution. Within these major fields of Sociology, she has written on sub-topics such as Technological Adaption, Social Credit Systems, Credential Capital, Crypto Currency, Millennial Workforce, Collaborative Teams, Disruptive Innovation, Skilled Migration and Algorithms. She is a Visiting Scholar at Cambridge (September-December 2020), and previously at MIT (August 2016-January 2017) and Oxford (August 2018-December 2018). Her methodological expertise includes mixed methods and rhetorical analysis. She teaches Digital Sociology, Gender Sexuality and Society, Shaping Futures and Sociology of Social Networks and Social Capital. She won the university teaching award in 2014.


Most relevant activities

  • Raghunath, Nilanjan (2020) Marriage, Work and Migration: Stories of South Asian Women.  Under Review by Oxford University Press.
  • Raghunath Nilanjan (2018) “Migration and Algorithms of Love Arranged Marriages Among Educated Indian Women.” Intimacy, Sexuality and Family in the Process of Migration: European/Asian Experiences Compared. Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). 18-19 December 2018 (Invited Presentation)

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