Neurocognition Lab

Zu folgenden Themen sind noch Masterarbeiten zu vergeben:

  • Fixation-based event-related fMRI analysis during visual word processing (fMRI + eye-tracking)
  • Face and emotion processing (fMRI, EEG, TMS)
  • Eye-selective neurons, directed vs. averted gaze (fMRI)
  • Learning of unfamiliar words (fMRI)
  • fMRI meta-analysis of behavioral benchmark effects in the domain of reading research (e.g., lexicality effect, word frequency effect,…)
  • fMRI meta-analysis of brain abnormalities in dyscalculia
  • Neue Normierung des Salzburger Lesescreenings (SLS) für junge Erwachsene, in Kooperation mit dem Österreichischen Bundesheer