Uhl-Hädicke Isabella

Bertin, P., Nera, K., Hamer, K., Uhl-Haedicke, I., Delouvée, S. (2021). Stand out of my Sunlight: The Mediating Role of Climate Change Conspircacy Beliefs in the Relationship between National Collective Narcissim and Acceptance of Climate Science. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, in press
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Uhl, I., & Jonas, E. (2013). Psychologie – der Schlüssel zu einer nachhaltigen Zukunft? In C. Sedmak, E. Kapferer, & K. Oberholzer (Hrsg.). Marktwirtschaft für die Zukunft (S.205-224). Wien: LIT Verlag.
Wintersemester 2020/21 & Sommersemester 2021
Thema: „GREEN EDUCATION: DOING BY LEARNING Know green – go green:
The smart way to communicate information to encourage environmentally friendly behavior
Sommersemester 2019 & Wintersemester 2020/21

Betreuung von: Laura Farage, MsC
Thema: A field study in The Gambia: Assessing littering behavior from the psychological perspective – awareness is not the key!

Wintersemester 2020/21 & Sommersemester 2021
Betreuung von: Susanne Bolte, MsC
Thema: „Who are the climate change skeptics? Right-wing populism in Austria and its relationship to climate change skepticism“