Eva Jonas – Publications

Selected Titels
Jonas, E., McGregor, I., Klackl, J., Agroskin, D., Fritsche, I., Holbrook, C., Nash, K., Proulx, T., & Quirin, M. (2014). Threat and defense: From anxiety to approach. In J.M. Olson & M.P. Zanna (Eds.), Advances in Experimental Social Psychology (Vol. 49, pp.219-286). San Diego, CA: Academic Press.
Jonas, E., & Fritsche, I. (2013). Destined to die but not to wage war: How existential threat can contribute to escalation or de-escalation of violent intergroup conflict. American Psychologist, 68(7), 543-558.
Jonas, E., Sullivan, D., & Greenberg, J. (2013). Generosity, greeds, norms, and death: Differential effects of mortality salience on charitable behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology, 35, 47-57.
Jonas, E., Graupmann, V., Niesta-Kayser, D., Zanna, M., Traut-Mattausch, E., & Frey, D. (2009). Culture, self and the emergence of reactance: Is there a “universal” freedom? Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45, 1068-1080.
Jonas, E., Martens, A., Niesta, D., Fritsche, I., Sullivan, D., & Greenberg, J. (2008). Focus theory of normative conduct and terror management theory: The interactive impact of mortality salience and norm salience on social judgement. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 95, 1239-1251.
Jonas, E., & Fischer, P. (2006). Terror management and religion – Evidence that intrinsic religiousness mitigates worldview defense following mortality salience. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 91, 553-567.
Jonas, E., & Frey, D. (2003). Information search und presentation in advisor-client interactions. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 91, 154-168.
Jonas, E., Schimel, J., Greenberg, J., & Pyszczynsky, T. (2002). The Scrooge effect: Evidence that mortality salience increases prosocial attitudes and behavior. Personality and Social Psychlogy Bulletin, 28, 1342-1353.
Jonas, E., Schulz-Hardt, S., Frey, D., & Thelen, N. (2001). Confirmation bias in sequential information search after preliminary decisions: An expansion of dissonance theoretical research on “selective exposure to information”. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 80, 557-571.