Legal Basis

Austrian University Act 2002
 §§ 91 und 92
 Decree on tuition fees
Rectorate’s decree waiver/refund

Amount of tuition fees

According to §91 UG 2002, the following regulation has been in force since the summer semester 2013:
The ÖH (Student’s Union Austria) fee amounts to 21,20 Euros and has to be paid by all degree- and non-degree students, including those exempt from tuition fees.

Degree Students
The tuition fees amount to 363,63 Euros; for non-EU citizens, the tuition fees amount to 726,72 Euros;  in addition, the ÖH fee of 21,20 euros has to be paid each semester.
Generally, all students at Austrian Universities are liable to pay tuition fees. Exceptions include students with limited exemptions or students who are generally exempt from paying tuition fees.

Limited exemption
A limited exemption from tuition fees can be requested if one of the conditions for the waiver is met; in this case, only the ÖH fee is payable.

Non-degree students
Non-degree students have to pay the tuition fees of 363,36 Euros plus 21,20 Euros ÖH fee irrespective of their nationality starting with the first semester. When getting enrolled or continuing studies in the extension period, the fee is NOT raised.
Non-degree students participating in a university training course, are exempt from tuition fees and only need to pay the course fee and the ÖH fee.

Exemption from Tuition Fees

Regular students are exempt from tuition fees for (except for third country nationals with the residence permit “Aufenthaltsbewilligung Studierende” (residence permit student)) the planned period of study according to the curriculum (legal duration) plus 2 tolerance semesters per degree (bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees). For degrees, which are divided into parts, then 2 tolerance sections per part apply (diploma and teacher training respectively).
Periods of study from previously started and non-completed degrees will be included in the calculation of the total number of semesters completed should studies be resumed.
The number of semesters completed is determined by the respective course curriculum program code pursuant to § 5 section 4 of the “Universitäts-Studienevidenzverordnung 2004 (BGBl. II Nr. 288/2004 idF BGBl. II No. 161/2011) “(University Studies Evidence Act). Semesters completed whilst enrolled in one course are included in the calculation of the number of semesters completed for any newly enrolled course. Semesters completed in one curriculum will be added together.
Semesters in which a leave of absence was taken will not be taken into account in the calculation of the number of previously completed semesters. Semesters, in which military or compulsory community service are undertaken for a period of a minimum of four weeks without taking holiday periods into consideration, are not taken into account when determining the number of semesters completed in a course.
ÖH (Austrian national union of students) fees still must be paid during semesters in which you are exempt from paying tuition fees.