Leave of Absence

In accordance with the Universities Act of 2002 students are permitted to apply for an official leave of absence for a maximum of two semesters, if the following reasons can be proven:

  • Military service, (evidence: conscription order), military training (evidence: army training confirmation) or compulsory community service (compulsory community service notification)  
  • Prolonged illness (evidence: specialist medical confirmation) – Pregnancy (evidence: specialist medical confirmation)
  • Caring for your own children (evidence: birth certificate) or for a sick relative
  • Completion of a voluntary social year (evidence: confirmation of the welfare organisation)
  • Furthermore,  leave of absence may also be granted for other important reasons relating to the student, such as  particular social or family reasons, work experience extra to the compulsory periods. Employment is not accepted as  a justification. The existence of these grounds must be demonstrated.

A leave of absence can be requested until the end of the extended period, i.e. 30th of June 2020.

The approval for the leave of absence will be noted on the Record of Studies. During the leave of absence, the place on the course of studies will be maintained, attendance at lectures, taking and recognition of examinations, as well as the submission and assessment of scientific work is not permitted. Students who are on leave remain in their version  of the curriculum (A leave of absence does not extend the legally prescribed period during which studies must be completed according to “old curriculums”). Tuition fees do not need to be paid but the ÖH(Austrian national union of students)  contribution including the insurance contribution is payable.Students who claim study assistance, should make sure they are fully informed by the study assistance authorities before they make the application as students on a leave of absence do not have the right to study assistance.


Application for a leave of absence
Specialist medical confirmation