Course Duration / ECTS6 semesters / 180 ECTS
University degree Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Faculty Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences
Department Romance Studies
ModeFull time
Study ID
D 033 646
Admission Requirements Matura or school leaving certificate (e.g., Abitur (GER), GCE
levels (UK), Diplome du Baccalaureat de l’Enseignement du
Second Degre (F), Titulo de Bachiller (E), Attestat (RSF)),
which is comparable in length and quality to the Austrian Matura.
Language of instruction German  Proof of language proficiency

What will I learn?

In the BA degree course in Romance Studies (Italian), students deal with the Italian language and literature as well as the cultural aspects of the Italian speech area. Students hone their language skills, including listening, reading, oral and writing skills. Students will be qualified to analyse the development and current functioning of the Italian language (linguistics) and to adequately examine literary periods, currents, genres, authors and works (literary studies). Furthermore, students will acquire a profound and differentiated knowledge of the cultural aspects of the Italian inguistic area (cultural studies). Courses including practical experience will point out possible career options for students and prepare them for their future career in the best possible way.

Which career opportunities do I have?

The Italian language – the universal language of music and art – can count for a key language for other Romance cultures. In a globalized world, experts are needed who organise the understanding and the exchange between cultures. Graduates of the BA degree course in Romance Studies can choose from a broad range of occupations, including: research and science at universities and other non-university institutions, international organisations, culture management, media work and PR, publishing and journalism, advertisement, further education and training, translation and mediation, tourism.

Why Salzburg?

At the Department of Romance Studies at the University of Salzburg, students can study the Italian language, literature and culture, but also those of the French, Portuguese and Spanish speech areas – both European and non-European. As distinct from many other courses in Romance Studies, students in Salzburg acquire knowledge of and competences in two of the named speech areas with nearly equal emphasis. Salzburg is also especially attractive due to its excellent student-to-staff ratio and the large number of Erasmus partnerships (for example, with Florence, Milan, Perugia and Rome).

How is the course structured?

Romance Studies (Italian) BA
STEOP (Introductory and Orientation Phase)8 ECTS
Language Acquisition 46 ECTS
Linguistics36-38 ECTS
Literary Studies36-38 ECTS
Cultural Studies8 ECTS
Practical Orientation12 ECTS
Bachelor’s thesis3 ECTS
Bachelor’s examination5 ECTS
Optional subjects24 ECTS
Total180 ECTS