Service for Students in Higher Semesters

Online services for

  • Admission to a new course/change of course

  • Leave of absence

  • Deregistration (stopping) from a course

  • Transfer to a new version of the curriculum

Proceed as follows:

  • Make the application exclusively from your secure university webmail address

  • Write to studium(at)

  • Your application must include your

Matriculation number, first and last name, date of birth and reason for your enquiry.
Important Information:
Make sure you have the correct customer data for the  respective semester – please do not use customer data  from previous semesters.   

Data and degree changes
Changes to your  basic data (name, nationality, academic titles from other academic institutions) can be made  by the Admissions Office with the relevant supporting documents. A change of course, institution, the field of study or the transfer to a new curriculum can also be carried out by the Admissions Office.
You can change your mailing address or home address yourself via PLUSonline.