Special University Entrance Qualifications


Special University Entrance Qualifications
All applicants who are nationals of non- EU member states need current proof of their access to university from the issuing state of the submitted educational certificates and for every degree course they wish to study at the University of Salzburg. Applicants who are considered to be equal to Austrians are exempt from this admission requirements (further information on the various legal requirements is available from the admissions office).
University entrance exam in Turkey, China, Japan, etc. Grade point average in university entrance qualifications /numerus clausus (minimum grades) in Egypt and other Arab states.

The direct access to higher education must be expressly confirmed by an authorized authority (for example, the university, the ministry of education, etc.). In states with numerus clausus regulations, proof of the place to study at a university must be confirmed by means of a current acceptance letter, which applies to the semester applied for. This proof must be issued by the authority responsible for university admissions in that country (for example, ÖSYM in Turkey).  The acceptance letter must contain information on the conditions of admission qualifications (results of  entrance examinations, the minimum / maximum number of points, etc.)
Students wishing to continue their studies and who have not studied at an Austrian university must submit a confirmation stating that they can continue their studies at their university without restriction. If they have already completed their degree (e.g. Bachelor, Lisans, …), the ability to continue their studies at the next level (for example master’s, Yüksek-Lisans, …) must be demonstrated.