Students with parenting responsibilities

No matter if starting a family was a conscious decision or has become an unexpected reality, no matter if you are a single parent or in a relationship, student mums and dads need to be well organised to make sure they manage to reconcile their childcare responsibilities with their studies.

You are not alone: One in every ten of our students is a parent. All in all, that is between 1,000 and 1,500 students who successfully manage to combine parenting and studying.

Vater sitzt mit kleiner Tochter am Schoß vorm Laptop

Studying with a child at the PLUS

If you are a student mum or dad, the following points may be of interest to you:

What do I need to bear in mind before my child is born? How can I best prepare for childbirth?

Which childcare options do I have? How can I manage my daily life, juggling both parenting and university commitments?

How much time off studying can I take to be with my child?

  • Inform yourself about your options: If you are pregnant, you can take a leave of absence from your studies for the duration of two semesters. For this, you will need to fill in the Application for an Academic Leave of Absence (in German) and attach a doctor’s note. After your child is born, you can apply for another leave of absence of two semesters. Please note that applications for leaves of absence for childcare can only be filed until your child turns 12. For this, you will also need to fill in the application for leave of absence and attach your child’s birth certificate. Please ensure that you file your application no later than the beginning of the semester you would like to take off. If the necessity of a leave of absence is unexpected and crucial, your application can be filed until the end of the late enrolment period of the semester in question. Please note that during your leave of absence, you cannot attend classes or take exams.
  • Get advice from your  student representatives (in German)
  • Use the  Students’ Union’s Rooms & Spaces (Frei:Raum) to get in touch with your fellow students (page in German).

How can I study, take care of my child, and make ends meet?

  • Consult (in German)
  • Consult  study assistance for students with parenting responsibilities (in German)
  • Apply for a leave of absence from your studies and remission/refund of tuition fees on account of pregnancy. The following regulations apply for expecting mothers seeking a leave of absence: If you cannot continue your studies for an uninterrupted period of at least two months during a semester that you have to pay tuition fees for, the tuition fees for the following semester will be waived. To do so, please submit the Application for Remission of Tuition Fees, the Application for Reimbursement of Tuition Fees (both in German), and a doctor’s note.
  • Remission/reimbursement of tuition fees on account of childcare. If the majority of childcare duties rest with you until your child has reached the age of 7 (or later, if your child starts school after his/her seventh birthday), tuition fees will be waived for this period of time. For this, please submit the Application for Remission of Tuition Fees, the Application for Reimbursement of Tuition Fees (both in German), your child’s birth certificate, and both your own and your child’s residence registration (you must share a place of residence with your child). Please submit the Application for Remission of Tuition Fees no later than 31 March for summer terms and no later than 31 October for winter terms. Please submit the Application for Reimbursement of Tuition Fees no later than 31 March of the following year for summer terms and no later than 30 September of the following year for winter terms.
  • Consider making use of childcare support options and advice & counselling sessions (both in German) offered by the Students’ Union
  • Check out our childcare facilities

KinderUNI and SchülerUNI

For older children, the PLUS offers the following opportunities to get a taste of university life at an early age:

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