Getting around Salzburg

The city of Salzburg and the surrounding area boast a well-developed public transport network, which makes getting around without your own car a breeze. Salzburg’s central location also means that the city is well connected to national and international destinations in every direction, with buses and trains to take you there in no time at all. The local connections to the nearby lakes and mountains, are fast and reliable.

Anyone travelling in the city of Salzburg can also easily get around by bike. There is an extensive network of cycle paths with many beautiful routes. Cycling in Salzburg is more than just a way of getting around, it’s also a chance to unwind and strengthen your body and mind.

Travelling by bus or train in Salzburg

Public transport in Salzburg

Salzburg has a very well-developed public transport network, both in the city itself and in the surrounding area.

Obus in Salzburg

Travelling by bike in Salzburg

Cycling in Salzburg

There are plenty of cycle paths in Salzburg. Bicycle racks and service stations are also scattered throughout the city.

Cycling in Salzburg

Photos: © Kay Müller