About us

Photo: © Kay Müller

The Faculty of Theology is a place of critical reflection on the Christian faith and its religious traditions. We put strong emphasis that this reflection

  • keeps pace with the times, i.e. open and sensitive to current social developments, conflicts and tensions;
  • is in constant dialogue with the other disciplines;
  • faces up to the challenges of our time which arise from a world that is becoming increasingly technological, globalised and pluralised;
  • combines excellent research with committed teaching;
  • is anchored in its own tradition, yet innovative and forward-looking.

We offer a wide range of studies in die fields of theology, philosophy, religious education and religious studies. The “Salzburger Hochschulwoche”, which is the oldest summer university in Europe, is an integral part of the Faculty.

We particularly aim at offering our students a first-class place for academic education and personal development. We ensure this through

  • a good studyability of our degree programmes;
  • an excellent supervision ratio;
  • a family atmosphere with an open and friendly vibe;
  • a very lively student life;
  • a wide range of activities that extend beyond the degree programmes.

Student life is supported by a Christian environment that spans the Faculty, the Benedictine monastery, the Franciscan monastery, the seminary and the Cathedral as well as the Diocesan administration. This ensures an open milieu in which people of the most diverse religious and non-religious orientations can meet in an intellectually stimulating and humanly enriching way.