Search via DOI: DOIs (and PubMed IDs – PMID) can be searched directly via this  website. In the case of licensed resources, the link to the PDF or HTML is provided after reference to the necessary authentication service VPN.

LibKey Nomad LibKey Nomad

This browser extension is offered by Third Iron for Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge, Brave and Vivaldi browsers. It can be downloaded from the provider’s  download page (install Nomad and then select Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg). LibKey Nomad automatically provides instant links to subscribed articles on websites of scientific journals, or popular sites like Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed or Wikipedia. In addition, it also checks whether an open access or other freely available version, is available. If a match is found, the PDF or HTML can be accessed directly via a displayed button.

LibKey Discover LibKey Discovery

LibKey Discovery is used directly in UBsearch, the search engine of the University Library of Salzburg. Based on a list of e-journal holdings, LibKey’s links lead directly to the PDF edition (or HTML version) of an article and additionally also to the table of contents of the corresponding journal issue (button “Table of contents of issue”).