Springer Compact – Open Access Agreement for Austrian Authors

What does Springer Compact mean?
Members of the University of Salzburg can publish Open Access articles free of charge in 1,600 Springer subscription journals if they are corresponding author of an article accepted in such a journal. This is made possible by the  licensing model “Springer Compact”, which was concluded on behalf of the Rectorate by the University Library for the University of Salzburg as part of the Cooperation E-Media Austria (KEMÖ). Springer Compact additionally includes access to over 2,000 journals published by Springer.

Which Springer journals does the Open Access Agreement cover?
 Here you will find a list of all journals in which members of the University of Salzburg can publish articles Open Access within the framework of “Springer Compact” without incurring any costs for the authors ( Open Choice).
Articles in Gold Open Access journals of Springer-Verlag can still be financed through the Open Access Publication Fund of the University of Salzburg.

Who is eligible for publication?
– Your article has been accepted by a journal that is eligible for Open Choice. (see above)
– You are corresponding author of the article
– You are a member of the University of Salzburg
– Your article belongs to one of these article types:
OriginalPaper, ReviewPaper, BriefCommunication or ContinuingEducation.

How can you proceed?
As soon as you are notified as a corresponding author that your publication has been accepted, Springer will also inform you about the option to publish Open Access free of charge. You can accept or decline this option. Subsequently, Springer and the University Library will verify your affiliation with the University of Salzburg and place the publication under a Creative Commons Open Access license.

Once your article is accepted, Springer will send you a link to the online MyPublication form. There you will be asked to select your institution. During the production process, Springer and the University Library will verify your affiliation with the University of Salzburg. To facilitate this, please use your official e-mail address already in the submission process.

Please note that color in print charges are not part of this agreement.
If you have further questions about the verification process or would like to check if you are eligible, please contact .

Who is corresponding author?
The corresponding author is the person responsible for the manuscript and correspondence during the publication process. He/she has the authority to act in place of all co-authors in all matters pertaining to the publication and the manuscript, including supplementary materials. The corresponding author is responsible for obtaining consents and keeping the co-authors informed of the status of the manuscript during the submission, review and publication process.

Under what license will the article appear?

By choosing  Open Choice, the copyright remains with the author. Your article will be published under a Creative Commons license ( usually  CC BY 4.0). For more information on copyright, licensing conditions and Springer Open Choice, please visit  http://springer.com/openchoice.

Which article types are covered by the Springer Compact contract?
OriginalPaper – standard article in which new results are presented. Articles, published under this article type are also called Original Research, Original Article, Original Article, Original Paper or Research Paper.
ReviewPaper – Standard article that interprets previously published results.
BriefCommunication – Short article that has been submitted for quick publication and has the same structure as a standard article.
ContinuingEducation – Article that makes a significant contribution to continuing education (usually medical).

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