Copyright information

The publication server primarily provides open access to scientific publications that have already been published. Authors thus have the opportunity to make older publications freely available at a later date as so-called second publications. The way in which this can be done depends on the conditions of the individual journals, which are explained in more detail here.

Creative Commons licenses

If a Creative Commons license has been granted, the rights of use remain with the author. You can distribute the publication as you wish and archive it on the publication server (more information on license terms can be found … here).

Second publication

Most publishers allow publication as a postprint (i.e., the accepted manuscript version, but not the version laid out by the publisher) 6-12 months after initial publication.
Commonly used terms in this context are:
Preprint – The manuscript version prior to the peer review process.
Postprint – The manuscript version after the peer review process. In terms of content, this version is identical to the final version.
Publisher’s version – The final version in the publisher’s layout.
Embargo period – Articles can often only be made available in open access after a time delay. The embargo period for publications in the natural sciences is usually 6 months; for publications in the humanities and social sciences it should not exceed 12 months.

Secondary exploitation right

As of 01.10.2015, a new copyright law applies in Austria. One innovation that will benefit scientists is the so-called secondary exploitation right. Authors are granted the right to freely distribute their own work online in a collection published periodically at least twice a year for 12 months after publication in the accepted manuscript version, even if the contracts concluded with the publisher say otherwise. If you would like to take advantage of the secondary exploitation right, you can contact with any questions.

Helpful links:

  •  SHERPA/RoMEO Database for researching second publication policies for individual journals
  • Information page on legal issues relating to open access publications