Download of E-Resources

Reservation of a download station for downloading licensed online resources (e-books, journal articles, etc.) for non-members of the university

Due to the Corona measures at the University of Salzburg, the public PCs at the library locations are only available to a limited extent. Since especially the public PCs are important for you as non-university members for the use of the licensed online resources, we would like to offer you the following service:

“Reservation of a download station for downloading licensed online resources”.
Please note the following regulations for the use of the download stations:

  • If you have sent a reservation request, please be sure to wait for the confirmation email. The confirmation e-mail is a prerequisite for use and must be printed out and presented at the information desk (or on a smartphone/tablet) (please observe hygiene measures).
  • Use without a reservation confirmation is not possible.
  • The duration of use is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • In order to make the best use of this time, it is necessary to carry out the detailed research for the required online resources in advance.
    Tip: Search in advance as precisely as possible via  UBsearch,  EZB and  DBIS e.g. the title of the journal article, the author. Note down the search terms that led to the result and take them with you to the appointment. This will enable you to find them quickly and to carry out the downloads in a time-optimized manner.
  • If there is no download station available at your requested time, you will be informed by mail. If necessary, please make a new request.
  • Take a USB stick with you (can be purchased at the information desks if necessary).
Send your reservation request to …
… the  Main Library
… die  FB Social Sciences
… die  FB Natural Sciences
… die  FB Law (Toskanatrakt)


If you are unable to come on the agreed date or if the reservation is no longer necessary, please inform us by sending a short e-mail to the corresponding location address:
Main Library –
FB Social Sciences –
FB Natural Sciences –
FB Law –