Space Law

Contemporary life on Earth would not be the same without space-related activities and technology. Checking the weather forecast, watching television, using the internet, paying with a bank or credit card or navigating somewhere with the help of Google Maps – all made possible by satellites in outer space. However, their distant presence hundreds of kilometres above the Earth places them outside the experience and visibility of everyday life.
Similarly, the futuristic sounding topic “space law” – reminiscent of Star Trek, Star Wars or Marvel’s The Avengers – is relatively unknown to most law students, despite being a field of public international law with great practical relevance. Therefore, this seminar wants to provide an introduction to the general principles of international space law as well as a closer look at more specialised issues such as planetary defence.
Two highlights of this seminar are the guest lectures by renowned space law experts, which will take place at the VEGA observatory, and the excursion to the European Space Research and Technology Centre of the European Space Agency in Noordwijk, Netherlands.


Poster Space Law

Foto: © Kerstin Marehard