PhD Geoinformatics

The Geoinformatics PhD program is a highly sought-after framework for academic excellence. Doctoral research is an integral part of the overall structure of Z_GIS and combines advanced education with cutting-edge research. PhD candidates at Z_GIS place equal emphasis on research excellence and outstanding academic credentials. OBIA BannerDoctoral programmes concentrate on developing the capacity for independent scientific work and spans 6 to 8 semesters. The admission requirement is the successful completion of an eligible Master’s, Diploma, or Teaching degree. This course is completed with the academic degree of Doctorate / PhD. As part of the doctoral programme, students must prepare, present and defend their dissertation (final thesis). PhD candidates typically are employed at the University of Salzburg through departmentally led projects, or are hosted at the department during supervision of work on students`own projects, frequenty funded from international advanced training grants. It is possible to work towards a PhD while being employed externally in a related field, although such part-time PhD require a long-term effort and carefully managed research.

Doctoral programme “Geoinformatics”

Research topics from the broad field of geoinformatics are addressed through a “teaching through research” approach. The focus of the PhD program is on the independent development of a dissertation, in parallel with the completion of a limited number of required courses. Currently, the research topics are centered around the eight research groups of the department:
  • Christian Doppler Labor GeoHum
  • EO-Analytics
  • Integrated Spatial Indicators
  • Spatial simulation
  • Landscape lab
  • Geo-Social Analytics Lab
  • Mobility lab
  • Geographic Information Infrustructure
Further information about the PhD programme can be found here!