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With my research, I aim to gain a better understanding of natural hazards, their interactions and cascading effects, and their impacts on the environment and society. I focus on the development of remote sensing-based methods for landslide mapping and monitoring, studying spatio-temporal landscape dynamics, and bridging natural and social science methods in an interdisciplinary manner. More…

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My motivation for my applied research is to bridge the social and ecological divides we are currently facing at global and local levels. I aim to achieve this through the development of new concepts, methods and tools to capture complex and multi-dimensional phenomena (such as risk and vulnerability) through systems thinking and in a spatial-explicit manner.  More…

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I am curious about the use of geospatial technologies and data visualization to analyze environmental processes and to communicate them effectively. My current research focuses on the mapping and monitoring of natural hazards and geomorphological processes. More…

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My research interest is to understand what makes remotely sensed geographic information valuable in specific application contexts, particularly in landslide hazards management and in urban and infrastructure planning. Therefore, I focus on gathering user requirements and quality criteria that ensure useful outcomes of geographic information production. More…

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My research focuses on methodology development for remote sensing data integration and classification. By using a variety of Earth Observation data, I aim for a better understanding of landscape evolution through space and time. More…

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I am interested in connecting geoinformatics methods to systems thinking and potential effects of dynamic feedback. My main application areas are risk and vulnerability assessments in the context of climate change and public health. More…

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Affiliate & visiting researchers

Helen Dias

Helen Dias, MSc.
Researcher | PhD candidate at University of São Paulo
I have worked in Geoprocessing, Remote Sensing, and Geomorphology, focusing on Landslides. My current project is about shallow landslide inventory mapping and susceptibility assessment.


Former staff members, students and interns

  • Marion BORDERON (staff)
  • Korbinian BREINDL (staff, PhD student)
  • Roman BREITFUSS (UNIGIS MSc student)
  • Pablo CABRERA BARONA (PhD student)
  • Diana Maria CONTRERAS MOJICA (staff, PhD student)
  • Jirathana DITTRICH (staff)
  • Clemens EISANK (intern)
  • Nicole FERBER (staff)
  • Barbara FRIEDL (staff)
  • Petra FÜREDER (staff)
  • Michael HAGENLOCHER (intern, staff, PhD student)
  • Markus KERSCHBAUMER (staff)
  • Gyula KOTHENECZ (PhD student)
  • Marco LEIDL (staff, MSc student)
  • Jutta-Lucia LEIS (staff, MSc student)
  • Allan MAZIMWE (MSc student)
  • Thomas MURPHY (research assistant)
  • Antonia OSBERGER (intern)
  • Lena PERNKOPF (staff)
  • Bernhard PETAUTSCHNIG (intern, Bachelor)
  • Marco POETSCH (staff, MSc student)
  • Bassam QASHQO (staff)
  • Cedric REYMOND (UNIGIS MSc student)
  • Barbara RIEDLER (staff)
  • Jonas RUGTVEDT (staff)
  • Lena SCHÄFFER (staff)
  • Richard SCHÖRGHOFER (staff)
  • Raphael SPIEKERMANN (staff)
  • Daniel TAFERNER (MSc student)
  • Elisabeth WEINKE (staff)
  • Peter ZEIL (staff)
  • Lopez ZENON SHEILON (MSc student)