Applicants are required to have a Bachelor’s degree either in

  • Ingenieurwissenschaften (joint degree Bachelorstudiengang PLUS – TUM)
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Materials Science

or related studies. See also here for a pdf version of the requirements.


Completed and signed registration form:
download registration form
and the following:

  • CV / Resumé (2 pages)
  • Letter of motivation (1 page)
  • High school/secondary school leaving certificate or university entrance certificate
  • University degree certificate(s)
  • International transcript of courses attended at university
  • APS certificate (Chinese applicants only)
  • Certificate(s) of industrial internship(s) attended
  • Recommendation letters from two professors or senior lecturers who know you well. The referees should send the original recommendation letters to us directly.


Please, submit your documents before May 15th for the Winter semester (start in October of the same year) and October 15th for the Summer semester (start in March of the following year).


Department of Chemistry and Physics of Materials
Keyword: Application CPM Master
University of Salzburg
Jakob Haringer Strasse 2A
A-5020 Salzburg, Austria
2) An academic committee ranks the applicants and decides whether to conduct an interview or not
3) Interview with members of the academic committee (at least 2 persons)
4) The academic committee decides whether to admit applicant to program
5) University of Salzburg/ Vice Rector of Educational Affairs formally admits the applicant
6) The student enrolls for the program