Welcome to the Department Chemistry and Physics of Materials at the Paris-Lodron University Salzburg

Unlocking the potential of materials for a better future

The Department of Chemistry and Physics of Materials plays a crucial role in developing next-generation materials critical for addressing global challenges. Our interdisciplinary approach combines the expertise of chemistry, physics, and materials science, allowing us to design and create innovative materials with unique properties. These materials span various categories, including inorganic materials, nanomaterials (materials on an incredibly small, billionth-of-a-meter scale!), and even hybrid structures combining different types of materials.

Our goal is to be an inclusive and vibrant research hub, fostering a collaborative environment where scientists at all stages of their careers can push the boundaries of material science.

Key areas of our work:

  • Designing and developing novel materials: We create and characterize materials with specific functionalities, tailoring them to meet various needs, such as energy efficiency, sustainability, or advanced technological applications.
  • Understanding material properties: We delve into the fundamental characteristics of materials, exploring the intricate relationship between their structure, composition, and behaviour – with the goal to make novel materials.
  • Pushing the boundaries of nanotechnology: We explore the unique and often unexpected properties of materials at the nanoscale, opening doors to revolutionary advancements in various fields.

We invite you to explore our department further and discover how our passion for materials science contributes to building a better future.