International Statistics Festival Salzburg

13-15 JULY 2016


Stadtansicht Salzburg

Nonparametric, robust, and multivariate methods, and their applications

The International Statistics Workshop Salzburg 2016 brings together researchers advancing theory and methodology in multivariate and nonparametric methods, as well as statistics practitioners who use innovative applications of such techniques. In order to stimulate the discussion of new results, ideas, and applications, we are striving for not having parallel sessions, implying that only a limited number of presentations can be accepted. The setting will allow for a lively scientific exchange in the midst of one of the most beautiful cities and regions of Europe, well-known for Monzart and the „Sound of Music“ movie, but also prime destination for all sorts of Alpine sports. Salzburg is a very popular tourist destination all-year-round, therefore it is advisable to register, and book the hotel early.

Sponsoring Organizations

  • University of Salzburg
  • Österreichische Statistische Gesellschaft (ÖSG) [Austrian Statistical Association]
  • International Biometric Society, ROeS [Swiss-Austrian Region]
  • Quantitative Research Hub.Salzburg
  • Wissensstadt Salzburg

Barrierefreiheit: Kurzbeschreibung des Bildes

International Advisory Committee

  • Edgar Brunner (U Göttingen, Germany)
  • Regina Liu (Rutgers U, USA)
  • Joe McKean (W Michigan U, USA)
  • Markus Pauly (Ulm U, Germany)
  • Martin Posch (Med U Wien, Austria)
  • Luigi Salmaso (U Padova, Italy)

Local Organizers

Confirmed Speakers

  • Ash Abebe (Auburn U, USA)
  • Lubna Amro (Ulm U, Germany)
  • Eric Beutner (Maastricht U, NL)
  • Edgar Brunner (U Göttingen, Germany)
  • Manfred Denker (Pennsylvania State U, USA)
  • Livio Finos (U Padova, Italy)
  • Xin Gao (York U Toronto, Canada)
  • Ekkehard Glimm (Novartis, Basel, Switzerland)
  • Shota Gugushvili (Leiden U, NL)
  • Solomon Harrar (U Kentucky, USA)
  • Jesse Hemerik (Leiden U, Netherlands)
  • Toshiya Iwashita (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
  • Arnold Janssen (U Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • Jana Jureckova (U Prag, Czech Republic)
  • Florian Klinglmüller (Med U Wien, Austria)
  • Frank Konietschke (U Texas Dallas, USA)
  • Regina Liu (Rutgers U, USA)
  • Jochen Mau (U Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • Markus Pauly (Ulm U, Germany)
  • Fortunato Pesarin (U Padova, Italy)
  • Steve Portnoy (U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA)
  • Robin Ristl (U Wien, Austria)
  • Milan Stehlík (U Valparaiso, Chile, U Linz, Austria)
  • Lucia Tabacu (Old Dominion U, USA)
  • Min-ge Xie (Rutgers U, USA)
  • Jin Xu (East China Normal U, China)
  • Xeniya Yermolenko (U Prag, Czech Republic)

Combining Conferences
Especially if you are traveling to Salzburg from further away, you might want to combine conferences or other events that are quasi adjacent in time and space. Here are some suggestions (if you are aware of others, please let us know).


Green Meeting
We strive to organize this conference according to the criteria of the Austrian Eco-Label for Green Meetings and Events.
Green Meeting Certification has been awarded on July 11, 2016!
No worries, this does not mean that you have to travel to Salzburg by bicycle. But, for example, you will enjoy fair trade coffee while at the conference, we will try to reduce waste, the catering will include lots of organic products – and we do actually recommend that you use public transport (or, if you like, bicycles) when you are in Salzburg.

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