Heinz Wimmer

Present funding

(1) Austrian Science Foundation

Title: Brain dysfunctions underlying developmental dyslexia

This grant supports for 3 years a doctoral student and three MA-students and will end in 2008. The MA-students and the doctoral students are an asset as they were trained for 2 years to analyze fMRI data with various methods including connectivity analyses. The MA-students are co-authors of Kronbichler et al. (in press) and are now preparing their MA theses for publication. The present grant application will allow to rely on these young researchers in the longitudinal fMRI project.

(2) European Union – Specific Targeted Research Project (FP6-2004-LIFESCIHEALTH-5)

Title: Dyslexia genes and neurobiological pathways (short: NEURODYS)

This project is coordinated by Gerd Schulte-Körne (Universität München) and the coordinator in Salzburg for the large behavioural project is Karin Landerl. My group is collecting structural and functional MRI data from dyslexic and normally reading children in the age range from 8-10 years. This project supports one PhD student for 2 years and will finish mid-2009.

(3) European Science Foundation Collaborative Research – funded by the Austrian Science Foundation

Title: Eye movement control in reading – Salzburg part: Eye movement control in dyslexia

This project is coordinated by Reinhold Kliegl (Universität Potsdam). It supports in Salzburg one PhD Student and one MA-student for 3 years and will end in 2009.