EU – Horizon Europe – RIA – Cluster 1 – Innovation Health Initiative – Call 4 – 2023

Aim: IHI aims to translate health research and innovation into real benefits for patients and society, and ensure that Europe remains at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary, sustainable, patient-centric health research. Health research and care increasingly involve diverse sectors. By supporting projects that bring these sectors together, IHI JU will pave the way for a more integrated approach to health care, covering prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and disease management.As current health challenges and threats are global, IHI JU should be open to participation by international academic, industrial and regulatory actors, in order to benefit from wider access to data and expertise, to respond to emerging health threats and to achieve the necessary societal impact, in particular improved health outcomes for Union citizens.

Requirements: See individual call.


Letzte Aktualisierung: 25.09.2023