The ÖH (Österreichische HochschülerInnenschaft)  Salzburg is the Austrian Student Union of the University of Salzburg.
To each department/study programme belongs a team of student representatives (StV), which is elected every second year by the students which are enrolled in the corresponding programme. The last election was in May 2013.
Our StV represents all doctoral programme students at the faculty of natural sciences, meaning all PhD-students who study one of the following subjects:
Computer Sciences
Molecular Biology
A StV exists to forward the interests of the students. We try to help students to the best of our ability; thus if you have questions regarding the doctoral programme of the natural sciences you are always welcome to contact us. Furthermore some of us are members of the following committees:
Doctoral Programme Curriculum Committee
Doctoral Committee
For further information about the Austrian Student Union in Salzburg see (this page is only available in german):
You can also find an english page of the national delegation of the ÖH: