PET: Petrological Elementary Tools for Mathematica (by Edgar Dachs)

PET is a Mathematica package, supplying elementary tools that fulfill various petrological tasks. Among them are: mineral formula calculation (including nomenclature for amphibole according to the IMA sheme), calculation of mineral equilibria from internally consistent thermodynamic data sets (Berman or Holland and Powell), calculation of single equilibrium geothermobarometers (25 of the most common thermometers, 10 barometers), access to thermodynamic functions of a phase and to activity models of various solid solutions, calculation of the projection of the composition of a phase into a user-defined space and analysis of metamorphic assemblages by means of matrix methods. A major advantage of PET is its wide range of applicability and its flexibility, because PET tools can be easily grouped together and combined with Mathematica built-in functions in order to fulfill specific user-defined needs.

PET is Freeware

Download of PET (updated version, Dachs (2004); Computers & Geosciences 30: 173-182)

PC-Version (for Mathematica 7.0)