• EU-Interreg project Österreich – Bayern
    project duration 3 years
    3.396.970,60 EUR

    roject start in April 2023

  • SNSF-Sinergia project
    project duration 4 years
    2.323.308 CHF
    project start in May 2022 (coauthor, project lead in Salzburg) 
  • « Transmission Electron Microscopy Lab for Nano-Imaging and -Analytics of Functional Solid State and Biological Materials»
    Principle investigator, Infrastructure call (Österreichische Forschungsgesellschaft (FFG))
    April 21 – March 24
  • «Guided Performance Improvement of Morphologically-Complex Multi-Component Photoelectrodes for Scalable Solar Water Splitting»
    Coauthor, principle investigator Prof. S. Haussener (EPFL)
    PhD-Projekt (Swiss National Science foundation (SNSF))
    Finished in June 2019
  • «Multiphysical Transport Phenomena in Scalable Particle Based Photoelectrodesfor Solar Watersplitting»
    Principle Investigator, PrecoR-Project (Swiss National Science foundation (SNSF))
    Finished in December 2017
  • «Two Absorber Nanostructured Device Module for Direct Solar Water Splitting»
    Project leader, NTF-Project (Nano-tera)
    Finished in December 2015
  • «Gezielte Optimierung der Nachleuchtdichte durch Modifikation der Kristallmatrix von Strontiumaluminaten und deren Einsatz für die Schweizer Uhrenindustrie»
    Principle Investigator, Project (Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI)
    Finished in March 2015
  • „Swiss High Energy Density Batteries – From Advanced Materials to a Safe Device»
    Project leader, Project (Competence Center Energy and Mobility (CCEM))
    Finished in February 2015