Regulations regarding quarantine at PLUS as of 1 August

“Dear colleagues,

as of 1 August 2022, new Austrian Covid-19 regulations no longer require people who have tested positive for Covid-19 but do not show symptoms to quarantine. Instead, they will be required to limit contact with other people for 10 days.

As the health and safety of our employees is extremely important to us, the following rules continue to apply to PLUS staff: Staff members who have tested positive are to stay away from their workplace and to work from home if possible.

  • If, in exceptional cases, you have to come to work at PLUS, you must first consult your supervisor so that measures can be taken to protect other people. Please ensure that you can work alone in an office and that you don’t stay at work for any longer than absolutely necessary.  
  • For liability reasons, your supervisor is obliged to check whether you are wearing an FFP2 mask at work.
  • If the nature of your work does not allow you to work from home, you will be released from your duties with pay until you have tested negative.
  • If you test negative after 5 days at the earliest, you may return to work at PLUS.
  • Staff members who have tested positive and have symptoms are advised to consult their general practitioner and take sick leave.

All PLUS staff are also advised to observe common protective measures against Covid-19 such as wearing FFP2 masks in crowded places, social distancing, washing their hands regularly, and following cough and sneeze etiquette. In order to curb the increase in Covid cases, PLUS staff are requested to test regularly, in particular if they are experiencing symptoms.

PLUS staff continue to be obliged to report a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 to .

If you have any questions, please contact . All information can also be found on our intranet website  here.


We wish you a safe and healthy summer.

Kind regards,

Nicola Hüsing for the rectorate”

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