Welcome to the Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences!

Dear Students and Visitors at the Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences University Salzburg!

I welcome you on behalf of all members at our faculty! We are pleased that you are interested in our studies. Approximately 4.000 students take advantage from our offer of currently 10 Bachelor’s and 10 Master’s fields of study and PhD studies in all these subjects (including three externally funded Doctoral Programmes) More ifnformation about the studies you can find here. Information about Secondary School Teacher Accreditations you can find on https School of Education. In addition to offer a diversity of courses, it is our endeavor to involve students in all stages of their studies in our research activities.To emphasize the national and international attractiveness of our faculty, we offer a variety of courses given in English.
Furthermore we support the international mobility of our students through a number of programmes, which is becoming increasingly important these days in terms of career prospects.
We hope to provide you with our offer the necessary commitment, motivation and joy for the study and to create a good basis for the use of the wide range of career opportunities.
On this homepage of the faculty office you will find all relevant information and forms for your study, the final exam, final thesis, procedure for course-recognition, scholarships, etc.

Sincerely yours
Univ.- Prof. Dr. Eva Jonas, Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences

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