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Language courses at the Language Centre

The Language Centre provides a wide range of language learning opportunities for students and staff of the University of Salzburg and the Mozarteum University as well as for everyone interested in languages. Every year, more than 1,500 course participants take part in language courses offered by the Language Centre. Courses are offered in a total of twelve languages. In addition to general courses, the Language Centre also offers various specialized courses – including courses in the field of academic language in German and English.
The network of research and practice is ensured by research and development projects in the field of second language and foreign language methodology and by cooperation with numerous national and international institutions and associations.

Semester courses

The complete course programme can be found here on our website and in our brochure. It is continuously updated with information, e.g. about our registration deadlines and modalities, can also be found on our website.


Head: Dr.in Margareta Strasser

Deputy Head: Dr. Christoph Hülsmann


Language Centre: Mag.a Uta Glassner



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