Welcome to the Faculty of Digital and Analytical Sciences!


Photo: © Simon P. Haigermoser

The Faculty of Digital and Analytics Sciences (DAS) integrates the university’s well-established and future-oriented competences in the digital and analytical sciences with a coherent structure featuring four departments: Artificial Intelligence & Human Interfaces, Computer Science, Geoinformatics, and Mathematics.

We, the DAS faculty and scientists, are prominent in both foundations and applications research, internationally visible, with an extensive global network of academic and non-academic (industry and NGOs) collaboration partners. In addition, we actively reach out to the general public as well as regional and local authorities within several open labs and cooperation hubs ( iDEAS:lab,  MINT:labs,  RIF,  math2school, to name just a few).  

Advancing methodological and conceptual work in the represented disciplines, DAS plays an active role in a large number of (partly interdisciplinary) research projects and degree programs and thus contributes to a unique university profile marked by digitalization, cooperation, and interdisciplinarity. Examples include the  Christian Doppler Lab for Geospatial Information for Humanitarian Action, the  Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital Health & Prevention, the  Salzburg Center for Smart Materials, and the Intelligent Data Analytics Lab Salzburg, as well as multiple nationally and internationally funded projects, among which an ERC Starting Grant on Big Data Algorithms. Pursuing the vision of a European University, we engage in the CIVIS network, particularly in the challenge area of digital and technological transformation. 

For students, we provide an attractive portfolio of degree programs that set a fertile ground to career starts in some of the most sought-after disciplines, as well as an opportunity to shape the digital transformation of our world in a smart and responsible way. Our study programs currently include four Bachelor’s and seven Master’s degrees, as well as teacher training Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and doctoral degree studies in all of our disciplines. Most of the Master’s and doctoral programs are offered in English, and students benefit from the faculty’s extensive national and international partner network in enhancing their study experience.

You can find more detailed information following the respective links – but please also feel free to contact us, our faculty and staff, or the central admissions department of the university, should you prefer a direct communication.

Arne Bathke, Dean
Günter Maresch, Vice Dean