Tuition Fee

Tuition fees consist of the ÖH (Student’s Union) fee and the tuition fee.  

The Student’s Union fee is currently 24,70 Euros (as of April 2024) and has to be paid by all students, degree seeking and non-degree, even if the tuition fee has been waived.  

Further information on the usage of the ÖH-fee can be found here:  

During your studies, the ÖH-fee (and, if required, the tuition fee) has to be paid each semester on time. The final amount depends on your citizenship. For EU/EEA/CH citizens, the duration of studies is also relevant for the calculations.  

The required amount has to be paid each semester until March 31st for summer semester/ October 31st for winter semester at the PLUS. Payment is done via online payment or at a bank. Please note that if you pay at a bank institute, the money transfer can take up to five workdays. This process cannot be accelerated, and payments cannot be done in rates.  

If you have already paid at another university in Austria, there is no need to pay at the PLUS as well. You just have to inform us whether you want to continue your studies at the PLUS. You will find a page in your PLUSonline account to select the according study programs; or write an E-Mail to the Office of Admission, requesting the continuation of your studies. The contact form is available at this link.  


tuition fee

General information

The amount of tuition fees depends on the duration of your studies and on the citizenship.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees

Equivalency to EU/EEA citizens

For information on the equivalency to EU/EEA citizens for third-country citizens,

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