Information on matters during your studies

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Students who have completed a number of semesters at the PLUS are well orientated in matters concerning their studies. The quickest way to get to another university location is well known, favourite lunch deals have been discovered and course registration is just another point on your to-do list. But even old hands may have questions.  

The following topics are described in detail in our PLUS Intranet:

  • Changing your study program 
  • Leave of absence 
  • Being barred from a study program 
  • Changing your personal data 
  • Continuation of studies 
  • Dis-enrolment 
  • Waiver and exemption of tuition fees 
  • And much more… 

All information can be found in our Intranet:  Link

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Even in higher semesters, PLUSTrack can be of help with several free offers. Whether you need coaching in a specific situation or wish to take part in one of our general trainings – the PLUSTrack team offers options for all matters concerning studies and will support you at all times. Connecting with others but also yourself is one of the major focuses of this program. If you face troubles during your studies, professional coaches of the PLUSTrack team will offer individual coaching (i.e. career coaching, assistance with your final thesis,…). Studying not only stands for gaining competencies and new knowledge, but also trains you in areas such as time management and managing procrastination habits. PLUSTrack will also assist you in these areas. A personal analysis of your strongest character treats will help you strengthen these areas and thus complete your studies successfully. If you think that your experience as a student in a higher semester might benefit first-year students, join the PLUSTrack Team a s a mentor! You can help first-year students in coping with their studies and at the same time become a professional coach. 

ÖH International Office – Erasmus, ESN and more.

The International Department is here to represent and support all students within the PLUS community. Our roles include consulting and helping degree-seeking students and welcoming international, Erasmus, visiting and exchange students prior to and during their stay in Salzburg. Our office is in close contact with the PLUS International Office and through this contact, we can assist PLUS students in designing and planning any terms or stays abroad. Through the Student Professional Development, our office can help with the academic and professional development of students. We are eager to align strategies and send you appropriate contacts in looking for employment, scholarships, registration, bureaucratic and other needs for living in Salzburg or abroad.   

Our office is also aligned with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) where we have collaborated on projects. We continue to embark on these activities to provide students with opportunities to network, socialize and enjoy their stay and new home. Our office has also created events and fun opportunities to provide space for the sharing of ideas, life experiences and cultural transfer of knowledge.