Dialogforum Changemanagement Dialogforum Changemanagement 27.10.2021, 10-17 Uhr, Große Aula * Online Termin *10:00 o’clock
Unlocking the Muse: Epidemiological and Empirical Insights into why Parkinson’s Disease might, or might not, lead to Changes in Creativity or Artistic Expression The lecture discusses some emerging preliminary results from a collaboration network of Neurologists, Psychologists, and Neuroscientists involving a compelling overlap between Parkinson’s disease (PD), its treatment, and a phenomenon whereby some individuals appear to show changes in their approach, or in their ability, with artistic or other creative pursuits (tentatively suggested to impact upwards of 20% of patients). Based on a review and synthesis of case evidence of PD-afflicted creators and artists, Matthew Pelowski suggests potential reasons for such changes—and thus perhaps for creativity itself—at the level of the brain, dopaminergic pathways, and pharmacology, as well as considering possible overlaps between creativity domains. This is coupled with the work to provide new, much needed additional evidence, via assessment of artworks by PD artists and a multi-country systematic epidemiological study of many hundreds of patients involving potential creative pursuits, which hopefully will provide new insights towards understanding and applying the PD-related artistic muse.* Online Termin *18:00 o’clock
11. Empfang der Religionen – Schwerpunkt: Scriptural Reasoning zum Thema „Mensch und Umwelt“ Im Religionsverbindenden Gebet in der Kollegienkirche hören wir Texte der Religionen zum Thema „Mensch und Umwelt“. Diese werden im sich anschließenden Scriptural Reasoning gemeinsam unter Anleitung diskutiert. Mitmachen kann jeder, der Freude am Nachdenken und der Debatte über die Bedeutung Heiliger Texte hat. Diskutiert werden ausgesuchte Texte zum Thema in kleineren Gruppen. Die Texte der eigenen und fremden Religionen gemeinsam mit Angehörigen unterschiedlicher Religionen zu besprechen, hat eine unglaublich inspirierende Wirkung und eröffnet neue Perspektiven. Im Anschluss daran wird zu einem Buffet eingeladen, an dem der Austausch sich vertiefen kann. Die Präsenzplanung ist vorbehaltlich der dann geltenden Covid-Bestimmungen.HS 10118:30 o’clock
Foto: © Matthew Pelowski

28.10.2021: The online lecture discusses some emerging preliminary results from a collaboration network of Neurologists, Psychologists, and Neuroscientists. Matthew Pelowski is Asst. Prof. of Cognitive and Neuroaesthetics in the Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna, dual affiliation with the Vienna Cognitive Sciences Hub, and head of the ARTIS Lab (Art Research on Transformation of Individuals and Society).


On November 3rd 2021 the 11th Reception of Religions (Topic: Scriptural Reasoning zum Thema Mensch und Umwelt) will take place at the Kollegienkirche and at the Catholic-Theological Faculty of the University of Salzburg. The event will be held in German.


On November 4th and 5th 2021 the 12. “Salzburger interdisziplinäre Diskurse” conference is taking place at the Parkhotel Brunauer. Topic: “Prekäre Arbeit. Neue Herausforderungen für Gesellschaft und Wissenschaft”. The conference will be held in German.