Housing, job and children

In order to make studying a positive experience, the living situation and opportunities for parents who work part-time jobs must also fit. You already have one or more children? No problem, studying with a child is supported in the best possible way at the University of Salzburg.

  • Housing options for students

    There are basically three housing options for students in Salzburg: a room in a student dormitory, a place in a shared apartment or your own apartment.

    Whether it’s a garçonnière or a shared apartment – the  housing exchange platform of the ÖH Salzburg is the way to go for students who are looking for a suitable place to live. For a place in a student dormitory, it is best to contact the respective dormitory directly.

    On the ÖH housing exchange platform you can find advertisements for free shared rooms and small apartments. And also with the real estate service of the Salzburger Nachrichten you can find many suitable accommodations for your study time.

  • Jobs for students

    Do you want to take a part-time job, an internship or the first steps towards your future career? The PLUS Career & Startup Center of the University of Salzburg and the Austrian National Union of Students provide further tips for your plans.

    Tip: Click here for the ÖH job exchange for students, and here for the  career service of the Salzburger Nachrichten.

    The University of Salzburg is one of the largest employers in the region and offers a wide range of career opportunities. So if you want to make a career at the university, our Jobs & Careers portal is the right place for you.

  • Studying with children

    Whether if it was a conscious decision or an unplanned life reality, whether together with your family or as a single parent – here you will find all the information you need to know for your situation so that you can make the best decisions. In addition to all the enrichment that the offspring can give to many every day, a great amount of self-organisation is required to make studying with a child culminate in success.

    In addition to information and tips, we can give you something in advance: Around one in 10 people at our university is a parent themselves. For PLUS, this means that there are currently 1,000 to 1,500 students who are balancing family and study responsibilities. So you are sure to find colleagues in the same situation.

    Reconciling children and studies

    The following questions can help you choose what you need to know:

    What do I need to consider before the birth and how can I prepare for the birth?

    The  SALK Parents’ School offers a comprehensive program that prepaes for parenthood and provides further support.

    Help from the  Psychological Student Counseling Service

    You can find an informative brochure from the Parents’ Counseling Service here.

    How do I organize suitable care options and everyday life with a child at the university?

    Initial counseling sessions by the Children’s Office of the University of Salzburg

    Company child support of the PLUS: KOKO

    Summer care during internships, block courses or summer jobs.

     Sick child, what to do?

    Find further childcare offers via the search mask of the  province of Salzburg.

    Diaper changing facilities at the PLUS

    How much time off can I take in my study program?

    Leave of absence from studies: leave of absence from studies is possible for each pregnancy for a maximum of 2 semesters, for this you need an application for leave of absence as well as a specialist’s confirmation. After pregnancy, it is possible to apply for leave of absence due to childcare. The application can only be made for 2 semesters at a time, but in total until the child is 12 years old. For this purpose, the application for leave of absence and the birth certificate are also required as proof. The application for leave of absence must be submitted by the beginning of the respective semester at the latest. In case of unforeseen and unavoidable occurrence of a legal reason for a leave of absence, the leave of absence can be applied for until the end of the grace period of the respective semester at the latest.

    Tips from the  Student Council

    Using the Frei:Raum together with fellow students

    How can I financially support my studies with a child?

    General information from the  inter-authority platform oesterreich.gv.at

    Regulations of the  study grant authority

    Leave of absence from studies and waiver/refund of tuition fees: Based on the general information on a leave of absence from studies due to pregnancy, the following applies: In the event of an absence from studies of at least two months within a semester subject to tuition fees due to pregnancy, the tuition fees for the semester in question will be waived. This must be a continuous period of two months. As proof, the application for waiver of tuition fees, the application for refund of tuition fees and a specialist medical confirmation must be submitted.

    Waiver/Refund of tuition fees in case of child care: In case of predominant care of children until their 7th birthday or a possible later start of school, the tuition fees will be waived for the duration of this predominant care. Application for waiver of tuition fees, the application for refund of tuition fees, the child’s birth certificate, the student’s registration form and the child’s registration form (the child’s address given must be the same as that of the student). The application for waiver of the tuition fee must be submitted no later than 31.03. for the summer semester in question and no later than 31.10. for the winter semester in question. The application for reimbursement of tuition fees must be submitted by the following March 31 for the winter semester and by the following September 30 for the summer semester.

     ÖH childcare support and advice at the  Social Department of the ÖH

    Tip: Company child support from PLUS

    KinderUNI and SchülerUNI

    For older children there are the following PLUS offers to get an early taste of university life:

    KinderUNI is for 8- to 12-year-olds.

    The SchülerUNI is designed for 14-18 year olds.

  • Social initative H.A.U.S.

    Association for Humanitarian Actions of the University of Salzburg: Anyone who is in a financial emergency or knows someone in the university environment who needs financial help can contact the association H.A.U.S..