The Language Centre of the PLUS

The Language Centre was founded in 1999 as a service centre of the Paris-Lodron-University of Salzburg. The main focus of the Language Centre is the promotion of plurilingualism. Since 2002/03, language courses have been offered at the Language Centre for students and staff of the PLUS and  the Mozarteum as well as for external language enthusiasts. Since then our course programme has been continuously developed. Quality and innovation in language teaching are also achieved through the commitment of our academic staff to numerous research activities, including projects and the development of new  concepts concepts for foreign and second language teaching.

More than 50 lecturers teach the courses at the Language Centre.

We offer …

Sprachkurs am Sprachenzentrum


in 12 languages

The Language Centre currently offers courses in 12 mainly European, but also in non-European languages. Specific language skills can be developed in our special courses.

Kursberatung am Sprachenzentrum


A wide range of services

Comprehensive consultation and support for our course participants is very important to us. Additional elements provide the opportunity to learn independently outside of the courses. Students can have their language skills certified with the degree supplement "Languages".



in all areas

A differentiated quality assurance system in the areas of teaching and administration in combination with the continuous assessments and the adaptation of the course programme guarantees the high quality of our courses.


in teaching and methodology

Close links to research, including collaboration in national and international research and development projects and cooperation with associations and institutions, guarantee constant further development in the areas of language teaching and methodology.

Photographs: © Christian Gruber | Simon Haigermoser