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Virtual Tour Unipark

In the so-called “virtual 3D tour”, anyone can explore the Unipark building via smartphone, tablet or computer. Not only is it possible to look around in the virtual spaces, but additional information, links and videos have been placed at various “highlights” to provide users with a more detailed information. Videos were made together with a student from the University of Salzburg, which can also be viewed in the digital experience. More virtual tours of other University of Salzburg locations are planned for the future.In addition to the tour, users can now view a compilation of impressive images of the Unipark in an image film.

Click HERE for the virtual tour.

Innenansicht Stiegenhaus und Lift Unipark

Communication and Fundraising

Kapitelgasse 6, 5020 Salzburg

Tel: 0662 8044 2020

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Foto: © Luigi Caputo