Position and Responsibilities
Post-doc Research Fellow, FWF (Austrian Research Fund) project  „Gender and Comedy in the Age of the American Revolution“ (headed by Prof. Ralph Poole)  
Member of DFG (German Research Foundation) Research Network „Cultural Performance in Transnational American Studies“
Research Interests

  • Transnationalism and Cultural Exchange
  • Theater and Performance Cultures
  • Early American Literature 
  • Affect and Public Feeling 
  • Queer and Sexuality Studies

Leopold Lippert is a post-doctoral fellow at the research project „Gender and Comedy in the Age of the American Revolution“ (sponsored by the Austrian Research Fund FWF) at the University of Salzburg, Austria. Before coming to Salzburg, he worked as a research and teaching assistant at the Universities of Graz and Vienna. He holds a PhD in American Studies from the University of Vienna (2015), and his dissertation Performing America Abroad: The Politics of Transnationalism in the Age of Neoliberal Difference was awarded the 2016 Fulbright Prize in American Studies. In his current post-doc project, he is concerned with the relationship of humor and the public sphere in late-eighteenth-century America. He is a member of the DFG Research Network „Cultural Performance in Transnational American Studies“ and has published a number of essays on early and contemporary American theatre, American television, transnational American cultural processes, queer cultures in/outside the U.S., as well as practices of cross-racial impersonation.

Most Recent Publications  

„Performance Labor, Im/Mobility, and Exhaustion in Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s Life and Times.“ Journal of Contemporary Drama in English 5.1 (2017): 140-155.  
„Virtual Theatricality, Transatlantic Representation, and Mercy Otis Warren’s Revolutionary Plays.“ Approaching Transnational America in Performance. Eds. Birgit M. Bauridl and Pia Wiegmink. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2016. 57-74.