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Coherence in Comics – An Interdisciplinary Approach

21 September 2021

The 16th Annual Conference of the German Society for Comics Studies (ComFor) approaches the topic “Coherence in Comics” from an interdisciplinary perspective. We seek to not only negotiate and explain meaning-making across panel borders and semiotic modes, but also across disciplines, seeking commonalities, shared interests and points of contact.

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Double Standards: Codified norms and norms of usage in European languages (1600 – 2020)

04 März 2021

Die Geschichte der meisten europäischen Sprachen in den letzten zweihundert bis vierhundert Jahren (oder sogar darüber hinaus) ist geprägt von der Entwicklung von Standardsprachen und den Auswirkungen der Standardisierung auf andere Sprachvarietäten.


Announcement of Production Archives: A new open-access special collection from the Open Library of Humanities!

21 Juni 2021

We are proud to announce the launch of Production Archives, an exciting, cutting-edge special collection published by a world-leading open-access publisher, the Open Library of Humanities. Production Archives breaks new ground through its innovative transdisciplinary approach to cultural productions and their archives. Through first-rate scholarship by leading cultural critics, practitioners and archivists, the collection refocuses the critical lens to consider not only the audience-facing ‘auteurs’ and ‘on-stage’ end-products of cultural practice, but also the material processes, collaborative labours and economic contexts of culture’s production and archiving.

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