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Welcome at the Department of Biosciences and Medical Biology

Research-driven teaching at an international level is one of the outstanding hallmarks of academic education. At the Department of Biosciences and Medical Biology, we live up to this claim by introducing our students to a wide variety of current basic and translational research topics and by actively engaging them using a broad range of methods and technologies. The department’s current 21 research groups investigate pressing health-related issues in areas such as immunology, cancer, allergy, aging, and stress, and explore the structural and functional properties of biomolecules. In interdisciplinary teams, we combine our expertise in site-wide technology platforms/core facilities. We publish the results of our work in internationally peer-reviewed journals and put them into practice in close cooperation with clinical and industrial partners. (Photos: © Luigi Caputo I © FB Biosciences and Medical Biology) (Photographs: © Luigi Caputo I © Dept of Biosciences)

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