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Cancer Cluster Salzburg – a Smart Specialization Center for Tumor-Microenvironment Communication

The  Cancer Cluster Salzburg (CCS) constitutes an interdisciplinary research network of tumor biologists, immunologists, oncologists, pathologists and clinical study centers from the University of Salzburg, the Salzburg Cancer Research Institute and the Paracelsus University Clinics Salzburg. CCS joins 16 research groups, thereby providing the basis for competitive and innovative research required for the development of improved personalized cancer therapies.
CCS  focuses on the investigation of the intricate cellular communication processes between malignant cells, their microenvironment and the immune system responsible for cancer growth, metastasis and drug resistance. Unraveling the molecular details of such interactions will provide new opportunites for innovative therapeutic concepts to improve and prolong patients´ survival.
CCS Members at the Department of Molecular Biology:

  • AG Aberger (founding member and Deputy Director of CCS)
  • AG Brandstetter
  • AG Cabrele
  • AG Gratz
  • AG Horejs-Höck
  • AG Huber
  • AG Risch
  • AG Wessler 

Funding: Land Salzburg
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