Overview of our current research interests

Capillary Bridge

Growth and Form … 

… The ability of biological tissues to change both their external shape and internal structure, allows organisms to grow, to adapt to their environment, and even to heal damage. Shape changes may even perform a function in tissues without an active metabolism, such as found in seed dispersal units in the plant world. These processes of morphogenesis are mediated by biochemical and genetic signals operating within the physical constraints of their surroundings. The importance of these physical constraints has become clearer in recent years with the observation that cells and growing tissues indeed respond to mechanical signals. Such mechanical signals may arise due to loads acting on the external boundary or even be created by active stress-generating processes occurring inside the tissue itself.

Our lab sits at the intersection between biology, physics, materials science and mathematics. Join us to explore the fascinating mechanisms that determine shape and structure of natural materials.

PhD positions are available in the group and we like to host BSc/MSc works, please contact for more information!