Group Meetings

Timetable 2020
Date Location Speaker Title
12/03/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II Charles Geiger


H2O-Crystal Interactions: Part II – A Microscopic View

19/03/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II Charles Geiger H2O-Crystal Interactions: Part II – A Microscopic View
26/03/20 14:00 NAWI HS 412 Stan Roozen TBA
02/04/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II TBA TBA
08/04/20 FERIEN
16/04/20 FERIEN
23/04/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II John Dunlop TBA
30/04/2013:00 ITZLING HS II TBA TBA
07/05/2014:00 Werner Hofmann Alpha particle microdosimetry in the lungs: variablity of energy deposition at the cellular level
14/05/2013:00 ITZLING HS II TBA TBA
21/05/20 FEIERTAG
28/05/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II TBA TBA
04/06/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II TBA TBA
11/06/20 FEIERTAG
18/06/20 14:00 NAWI HS 411 Bernhard Seiwald(The Australian National University) Fusion. Some Basics
25/06/20 13:00 ITZLING HS II Maurizio Musso Multi-Wavelength Raman Spectroscopy of Poly(Furfuryl Alcohol)

Past Talks (2017/2018/2019)
Title Date
Joshua Feinberg, University of Minnesota, MN Beyond paleomagnetism: What magnetic minerals tell us about pollution, biology, archaeology, and climate change. 20/01/2020
Paolo Sereni  Platforms for physical computing 16/01/20
Raphael Berger A short story about molecular magnetic response; Part 2 09/01/20
Helmut Mayer
Department of Computer Sciences
Evolutionary Computation – Principles and Applications 19/12/19
Roumiana Tsenkova
Kobe University, Japan
Aquaphotomics Principles and Applications 05/12/19
Michael Discher
Department of Geography and Geology
The Luminescence Laboratory at the University of Salzburg 28/11/19
Silviya Ninova Porphyrin derivatives at surfaces: A theoretical perspective 14/11/19
John Dunlop Issues in Discrete Geometry – Problems linking real measurements to idealised geometries 07/11/19
Andreas Roschger Mechanostransduction – From Macroscopic Forces to the Cellular Response 31/10/19
Raphael Berger A short story about molecular magnetic response;
Part 1
Vikas Raj Sharma Lightsheet Microscopy – Physics, Technique, and Applications 26/08/19
Andreas Roschger Mechanostransduction – From Macroscopic Forces to the Cellular Response 19/08/19
Andreas Roschger &
Vikas Raj Sharma
Hydrogels as novel 3D scaffolds for cell culture 29/07/19
Scarabattoli Letizia Characterization by Raman spectroscopy of co-aggregation processes of protein systems 23/07/19
Vikas Raj Sharma 3D microscopy analysis of silver nanoparticle distribution and hepatocyte ultra structure in a liver like model. 15/07/19
Lorena Ruiz Rodriguez (MPI CI) Osmotic pressure effect on collagen mimetic peptides 08/07/19
Christoph Trenzinger (STRATEC) Microfluidic Chip development for single-cell imaging 01/07/19
Peter Hingsamer
Paolo Sereni
Astronomy in the Physics Studies 24/06/19
Paolo Sereni Astronomy at the Vega Observatory 17/06/19
Maurizio Musso

Andreas Reyer
Characterization of Tannin Rigid Foams at PLUS

From chaotic approached to highly ordered substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Lukas Pichelstorfer Highly oxygenated organic molecules (HOM) and its Atmospheric Relevance 27/05/19
Heidi Pertl-Obermeyer Multi-protein complexes: Dynamics and interactions of membrane proteins drive plant cell functions 20/05/19
Gerhard Obermeyer Go with the flow or down the gurgler: the pollen‘s dilemma with water 13/05/19
Raghed Restom 3D characterization of the microarchitecture of carbon and silica structures 06/05/19
Michael Grodzicki Physical laws – falsifiable by experiments? 29/04/19
Werner Hofmann /     Herbert Lettner Radon transfer from thermal water to human organs in radon therapy: exhalation measurements and model simulations. 08/04/19
John Dunlop Introduction to Computed Tomography 01/04/19
Gilles Bourret Three-Dimensional Lithography – An Electrochemical Approach 25/03/19
Alexander Brandl (Colorado State University) System oriented models for impact and application of ionizing radiation and radiation protection 18/03/19
Simone Prokrant Material Design for photochemical applications – solar water splitting with nanostructured LaTiO2N 11/03/19
Georg Steinhauser (Leibniz Universität Hannover)  From radioecology to environmental nuclear forensics 07/03/19
Silviya Ninova (Uni-Bern – CH) Surface properties of the anion-disordered oxynitride LaTiO2N 04/10/18
Werner Lottermoser The Uniting of Spectroscopy and Diffractometry to the Common Benefit of Nanoscience 28/06/18
Barbara Schamberger Minimal surfaces  –  The story of a biologist and differential geometry 21/06/18
Günther Redhammer What diffraction can teach us on structure and dynamics in minerals and materials 07/06/18

Michaela Eder (MPIKG)

Plant Material Adaptation 17/05/18
Lukas Pichelstorfer Aerosol dynamics: recent developments in modeling and data analysis 03/05/18
Werner Hofmann Modeling inhaled particle deposition in the human lung 05/04/18
Christian Pruner Low energy neutron interferometry &  the phase problem of diffraction 22/03/18
Herbert Lettner Alpine cryoconites – a radionuclide and pollutant archive 15/03/18
John Dunlop Modelling of Pattern Formation on Surfaces. A Discussion of Active Particle Models 08/03/18
Andreas Reyer Temperature-dependent, THz and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy 25/01/18
Durval Bertoldo-Menezes Glass transition of PMMA by Perturbation-Correlation Moving-Windows two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy (PCMW2D) and Raman spectroscopy 18/01/18
Paolo Sereni Data Acquisition: at the interface between physical systems and engineering science 11/01/18
Maurizio Musso Raman spectroscopy at the University of Salzburg 21/12/17
Baris Malcioglu Porphyrins on surfaces and their electrophysical properties 14/12/17
Michel Bockstedte Solid State Physics: from defect properties to reactions at surfaces 07/12/17
Pierre Madl Coherence Monitor – Prototyping and testing for UPE-measurements 23/11/17
John Dunlop An Introduction to the MorphoPhysics Group 16/11/17