Master in Ecology and Evolution

Facts and Figures

Great that you also think that Ecology and Evolutionary biology are really interesting disciplines in the natural sciences and that you consider developing your knowledge and competencies in this Master study. In case you have already completed a Bachelor study in biology you have already obtained fundamental knowledge in natural sciences and biology as well as basic competencies in research and should be qualified to be admitted to the Master’s program in Ecology and Evolution. Other bachelors, however, might qualify as well for the Master study as missing basic courses could be completed as part of the Master. Contact us in case of any questions. 

Formal Requirements 
In order to be admitted to the master’s program in Biology (Focus Ecology & Evolution), students must hold a bachelor’s degree in an equivalent or related field from an accredited Austrian or foreign institute of higher education (cf. UG2002 §64 para. 5).
If a student’s bachelor’s degree is not deemed equivalent to an acceptable extent, the student may be required to complete additional courses worth up to 45 ECTS points; these requirements must be satisfied by the end of the Master’s program. Only the Rectorate or a member of staff at the University of Salzburg designated by the Rectorate is authorized to make a determination of equivalency. Please contact in this case the head of the teaching commission of the CK Biology.
Did you complete a biological bachelor study at the PLUS? Please get informed at the German version of this webpage.
Important information for incoming students from foreign Universities about admission to English Master programs at PLUS (in English)
Application for admission.

Duration and Degree of the Master´s Degree Program
minimum duration 4 semesters (2 years)
credits 120 ECTS
academic degree Master of Science, MSc
teaching language English