Aktuelle Publikationen

Atzmanstorfer, K. and T. Blaschke (2013): Geospatial web: A tool to support the empowerment of citizens through e-participation? In: NUNES SILVA, C. (ed.). Handbook of Research on E-Planning: ICTs for Urban Development and Monitoring. Hershey (PA): IGI-Global, 546 pp.
Atzmanstorfer, K. (2007): GIS-based analysis of cowpea adaptation to Colombian hillside environment – exploring opportunities for high value crops. Magisterarbeit. Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät der Universität Salzburg.

Vorträge | Konferenzen

Eitzinger, A., Atzmanstorfer, K. and R. Resl (2013): The Geo-Citizen approach: implementation of a participation framework for citizen collaboration. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Environmental Information and Communication (CEGeoIC), 2013. Bogotá, Colombia.
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