PhD Thesis

  • Martin Sudmanns (co-supervision): Spatio-Temporal big Earth observation data analysis in big data cubes (expected 02/2020)
  • Hannah Augustin (supervisor): Extraction of environmental indicators from big EO data in support of the SDGs (ongoing)
  • Arthur Lehner (co-supervision): Urban Remote Sensing Derived Building Structures and Parameters for Energy Related Urban Planning Applications (finished 2019)
  • Omid Ghorbanzadeh (co-supervision): Expert knowledge and machine learning systems in Geoinformatics(ongoing)
  • Ovidiu Csillik (co-supervision): Efficient image segmentation techniques for remote sensing data (finished 2018)
  • Christian Knoth, ITC, Netherlands (second evaluator/external examiner): Supporting Conflict Damage Assessment with Object-Based Change Analysis (finished 2017)
  • Ivan Tomljenovic (co-supervision): Object-based analysis of airborne LiDAR data building on the point cloud clustering and 3D-object delineation (finished 2016)
  • Anna Hernando, ETSI Montes (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid): (external examiner): Methodological proposal for planning and managing protected natura 2000 areas, using remote sensing (object-based image analysis) and geographic information systems (finished 2011)
  • Sopholwit Khamphilung, University of Salzburg (examiner): Rural area settlement pattern analysis from high resolution RS images: Case study in the Chi Watershed Region, the northeast, Thailand

University courses

  • Big Earth Data (Univ. of Salzburg, since 2018)
  • Data and Information management (Univ. of Salzburg, since 2019)
  • Advanced Remote Sensing and Image Processing (Univ. of Salzburg, since 2007)
  • Object-based image analysis(Univ. of Salzburg, since 2007)
  • Application development (OBIA) (Univ. of Salzburg, since 2012)
  • Introduction to object-based image analysis (University of Krakow, ST 07)
  • Geoprocessing with Python ( Univ. of Salzburg, since 2011, University of Tübingen, Germany, since 2011)
  • Workshop on Object-based Image Analysis (Department of Geography, University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina, USA WT 2014/2015)

UNIGIS distance learning module (MSc level)

  • Application-development – Geoprocessing with Python (since 2005)