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Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence „Challenges of European Integration” startet at the SCEUS

November 1st of last year marked the official start of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence “Challenges of European Integration”, which SCEUS had successfully applied for funding from the EU Commission the previous February. After work began before Christmas with a kick-off meeting, a workshop and two evening events for the wider public on the topics of populism and EU enlargement, the new year will see this work gather further momentum.

Published on 24 January 2024
Edmundsburg Aussenansicht

Department members contribute to new “Jean-Monnet Center of Excellence” at SCEUS

Paul Hofmarcher, Klaus Nowotny and Alexander K. Wagner from the Department of Economics contribute to the newly established SCEUS Center of Excellence on the “Challenges of EU Integration”. The project is funded by the EU Commission through a Jean-Monnet Program.

Published on 15 January 2024
AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Electronic circuit. Communication network.

The Point of Blaming AI Systems

An article on artificial intelligence by Hannah Altehenger of the University of Konstanz and Leonhard Menges of the Paris Lodron University Salzburg (PLUS) will soon be published in the Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy.

Published on 11 January 2024