Silja Weßler 2023

FWF project approval Prof. Dr. Silja Weßler

Prof. Dr. Silja Weßler from the Department of BIOMED and member of the Center for Tumor Biology and Immunology and the Cancer Cluster Salzburg will investigate in an FWF-funded project how H. pylori drives chronic inflammatory processes that can lead to gastric cancer by injecting the bacterial oncoprotein CagA into macrophages.

Published on 26 June 2024
Indien | Ganges

Earthquakes change river courses 

An international team of scientists including, PLUS geologist Christoph von Hagke, has discovered that around 2500 years ago, an earthquake abruptly changed the course of the Ganges (India). The natural event diverted the main channel of the Ganges in what is now Bangladesh, causing a so-called “river avulsion” that drastically changed the landscape of the time. An earthquake of a similar scale would be a catastrophe for the region today. The results will help us make more accurate predictions of natural hazards and their effects. The study has just been published in the journal Nature Communications. 

Published on 20 June 2024
PLUS Digital Dialogue

PLUS Digital Dialogue: Info session on AI in teaching

AI has become an integral part of university teaching and academic work. As a future-oriented university, we want to play an active role in shaping this transformation process and ensure that artificial intelligence has a designated space in our learning environment. In this PLUS Digital Dialogue, together with IT Services and the Department of Flexible Learning, we will be presenting specific AI applications that will be available to us for teaching and training in the winter semester.

Published on 20 June 2024